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Mirembe Country Home | A Haven On Earth Oasis!

With A Serene Christian Environment!

The Greener Grid Of Life!

Comfort & Tranquility

Our Home offers a haven on earth oasis, enveloped in a tranquil greenery natural beauty, and Christian-based environment.
It is situated just about an hours drive from the capital city Kampala, off Entebbe Road, and nestled in Namulanda town along Kigo Road, 1km from the main Entebbe road.
With meticulously maintained lawns, lush tropical gardens, and hospitable staff; Mirembe Country Home provides a variety of offers that rejuvenate the body, uplift the spirit, and nourish the soul.
Our accommodation facilities exude warmth, relaxation, and a promising slumber as that of a contented baby.
Beyond personal retreats, our premises are ideal for hosting conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, corporate events, and more.
Our spacious lounge with panoramic views of the lush tropical garden, provides an expansive setting for creativity and relaxation.
Dining at our restaurant is a culinary delight, where you can savor creatively crafted, fresh, homemade, and delectable Ugandan garden meals.
Discover serenity and comfort at Mirembe Country Home; an abode that seamlessly blends natural splendor with gracious hospitality.


To provide a tranquil oasis at Mirembe Country Home; an hour from Kampala, where guests rejuvenate amidst lush surroundings and impeccable hospitality.


To offer utmost comfort and memorable experiences; featuring immaculate accommodation, a delightful restaurant serving a variety of homemade Ugandan cuisine, a hospitable team, and creating a serene haven.


At Mirembe Country Home, our values are centered on prioritizing guest well-being and comfort, cherishing our lush tropical environment, maintaining impeccable facilities, serving homemade Ugandan cuisine with pride, and consistently creating memorable experiences through our exceptional services in a Christian environment.

Tranquility Guaranteed

Mirembe Country Home; located an hour from Kampala, offers a serene haven in Namulanda town.
With a hospitable team, immaculate lawns, and lush tropical gardens that revitalize the body, mind, and soul.
The facilities provided promise utmost comfort, ideal tailor-made packages for your event needs, a lounge space with garden views, and a delightful restaurant serving a variety of homemade Ugandan cuisine.
It’s a tranquil blend of nature and hospitality in a Christian environment.

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